OTIS Kindle Oasis Pouch - Japanese Woman-Handbag-Pattern Fabric - Kindle, iPad, Kobo




Why do you need this Kindle Oasis Pouch?

OTIS Kindle Oasis pouch is design for people who love to carry their e-readers around without anything that can distract their reading process. It can hold a pen/pencil, FieldNotes, cards and a little cash.

Even more, this design fits other tablets. Please select your device model before purchase.

Material: Imported Japanese Cotton – Woman Handbag Pattern Premium Fabric.

Designed to use with naked device (no case, or thin case is fine).

Supportive Devices:

  • Apple iPad (Mini, Pro included new fullscreen iPad Pro)
  • Amazon E-Readers (PaperWhite, Oasis, Voyage, Basic, etc.)
  • Kobo E-Readers (Aura One, Forma, H2o, etc.)
  • Other tablets or e-readers (please contact us to request a custom design, free charged)

If you do not see your device in the list, or has required a case for your device, please request a custom order.

NOTICE: pattern comes from a large sheet of fabric so your product may end up with slightly different pattern position.

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Thank you for shopping with us.

Otis Handmade